Attention, Fat Losers!

Syd and I are taking in the Blazers-Kings game on teevee, and their Steal of the Game tonight is, for $88, one club-level ticket, and all you can eat in the "Private Lexus Club." Because apparently the lonely obese demographic is their target, and they're not interested in subtlety. No word on whether it comes with a can of Chef Lonely Hearts' Soup For One.

And now, Sydney's Komedy Korner:

A rabbi, a priest and a duck walk into a bar. The bartender says, "What can I get you fine gentlemen?" The rabbi says, "What do you have that's kosher?" The bartender shows him a lovely selection of Manischewitz wines. The priest says, "What do you have for someone who gave up wine for Lent?" The bartender shows him the bar's long list of microbrews. He then turns to the duck and says, "And for you, sir?" And the duck says, "Quack!" and craps on the floor.


My New Favorite Thing Ever

He just sounds so bored by the end. I have this mental image of a classically trained actor reduced to doing voiceovers for some stupid American cartoon. He'll say 'fishing', but he'll be damned if he'll sing the Batman theme.
I wish I had a cool update, but not much is going on, as usual. I don't have any awesome home remodeling pictures, I'm not drinking in foreign lands, I'm not frequenting immigrant nightclubs...I did learn to play Dio's Holy Diver today, but that took all of 20 seconds. I'm not trying to brag or anything, if you can play guitar, it's really really easy. Here are my instructions: It starts on C.
[Edit: fixed last stupid link]