An Open Letter

Dear Old Man I flipped off yesterday,
sorry about that. You see, I was only half paying attention, as I had a red light, and all I saw was a black kid crossing the street, and an old white guy scowling and shaking his head at being unable to make his left turn, so when you made eye contact to commiserate, I thought you were a racist old coot, and I flipped you the bird. Then I noticed that the don't walk sign was lit up. To your credit, you handled my salty rejoinder with grace and, no doubt, a certain melancholy resignation as to the state of The Youth these days. I am aware that there is basically no chance you will read this, but perhaps someone reading this has a grandpa in Silver Spring, MD, and they will call you and hear about the day you had, with punk-ass kids ruining your afternoon drive, and they will relay my message to you. Again, I apologize for making a rude gesture when you had every right to be cranky about a jaywalker.
Rip Tatermen