Say it with me: bo-de-ga

The (3rd party) app store for OS X is called Bodega? Seriously? I feel worse for Microsoft, though; assuming that Bodega was the best available option, if they start their own app store (And why stop ripping off others' successful ideas now?) I do believe they'll have to settle for Creepy Old Guy Selling Tiger Rugs Out Of His Van as a name.


Well Fine Then, I Didn't Want to Bleed Anyway

Yesterday I saw that a mosque in SW was raffling nice Blazers preseason tickets for those who participated in their blood drive, and I thought I like free tickets, and have sorta been meaning to start up with the blood-giving again, so I made an appointment for this morning. (After reading up on the mosque; don't wanna end up in Gitmo 'cause a pint of my B+ was found with Terrorists, and I'd always been curious about it as I used to (be) drive(n) past it all the time when I was a kid, the one on 35th Dr just south of I-5 and Barbur. Turns out they're Ahmadiyya, a peace and love branch of Islam that, naturally, none of the other branches like. They're A-OK in my book, though. Now how to get out of this parenthetical...) So I went there and got the pre-bleed literature to look over, and as advised tucked into some of the tasty Indian food and cookies, and flipped through the lit, no hep-B treatment, haven't been raped, haven't gotten it on with dudes from Equatorial Guinea... But. I have spent more than three months in the United Kingdom between 1980 and 1996. 79 months more, roughly. And the thing is, I stopped giving blood during the whole mad cow scare, even though at the time the people calling me from the Red Cross couldn't've cared less, because I wouldn't've been able to live with myself knowing I'd turned someone's brain into a sponge, but I thought we were all kinda past the whole spongiform encephalitis thing now, so I went there, and now they've finally caught up to six years ago. Oh well. I'm still in the running for the tickets, apparently, 'cause I showed up, but I'd feel kinda bad if I won. I never win anything, so it'd figure if the one time I did it came with a moral quandary.

Oh! Also, I went to get some bagels from Noah's after that, and on the way back I took a picture of this guy with the boombox, bumpin' L'Trimm's Cars With The Boom (hilariously miscategorized all over the internets as being by Le Tigre). So y'know, it wasn't a total wash.

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