Here is a picture for all of you unfortunates who aren't in Portland right now.

And here's a picture of our cat's butt.


Eric sent me this link; I think he's trying to keep his blog classy, a compunction I clearly lack. Anyway, it's spectacular, but not really safe for work, at least if your boss hates America.



I hate Windows. So very much. I know I'm hardly alone in this, and it really seems like the most pointless observation one could possibly make on the intertubes ever, in terms of originality, but nevertheless, the fact remains that somehow Microsoft dominates the market in spite of their continued efforts to thwart their own customers. I hate them hate them so much. Endless anti-piracy bullshit, with the end result that pirates can still pirate, and idiots like me who somehow own more copies of Windows than computers can't get any of them to work, but in the process of failing to install XP still manages to make my laptop think its hard drive is borken. I've switched over to Ubuntu Linux and am quite happy, but Win is still a necessity once in a while, and it is seriously such a huge pile of crap.
Oh, also, the new Queens of the Stone Age album is quite good. Interesting heavy Beatles influence, and all in all a fine job of rocking without screaming.


Passive-aggressive filler post

I know it's been a month--two, in fact--since my last post, but I have two jobs, an apartment hunt, end-of-school-year inertia, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped! To better keep track of my sporadic postings, I recommend this.